Birth Support

If I cannot be physically present at your birth, I can offer virtual support during your pregnancy or even your postpartum. My virtual services can include birth + postnatal preparation, direct digital communication via video calls and email or text, evidence-based information and resources. Virtual support can be customized to meet yours and your family’s needs.

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You’re here because you have some questions about birth and how we might be able to work together. I’d love to connect and get to know you over this free 20 minute call.

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Birth Education + Coaching

Personalized 1:1 sessions to uncover your beliefs and perceptions about birth. A place to identify exactly how, where, and with whom you envision your birth. This is also an opportunity to discuss emergency situations vs. variations of normal and shed light on possible new perspectives. Further information and resources will also be available to guide you in the direction you desire.

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Home Birth Support

Birthing in the environment she wants to and how she envisions is something every woman deserves. It is imperative that her decisions throughout pregnancy and birth are met with love and respect. Birth is not a medical event and shouldn’t be treated like one. Birth should be trusted. As an attendant, it is an honour to hold space for a birthing mother while she shines in her power and births her baby.

Support Includes:

A “meet and greet” either online or in-person
2-3 prenatal visits ( at least 1 in your home)
Discussions around your birth plans-various techniques and tools offered to create a clear vision
Ongoing text/email support
On-call from 37 weeks
Support during labour and birth
Support directly after birth (1-3 hours)
Postpartum support within the first month after birth (2-3 visits)
Access to healing teas, tinctures, and herbal baths
Access to my personal lending library 

Every woman’s needs and desires during pregnancy and labour are different. My support can be customized to fit you.

Postpartum Care

Supporting a new Mother in the first days and weeks of motherhood gives her the very best chance to heal, recover, and care for her baby all while being nurtured by her village. The postpartum period is unique to each woman. How you may need support may look differently than you imagined. It is imperative that you honour where you’re at and feel secure enough to ask for help where it’s needed most.

Support can include any of the following:

A meeting ahead of time to discuss your vision for postpartum care
Talking through and processing your birth experience 
Meal preparation
Light housework + laundry
Breastfeeding support
Grocery pickup 
Support in caring for an infant from a Mother

If there is something not mentioned above, we can chat about how I might be able to assist you during this raw, fragile, beautiful time.

Birth Processing: Transform Trauma

If your birth has left you feeling wounded, violated, or disrespected, you may be experiencing trauma from the experience. You owe it to yourself to unpack that trauma and reflect.

I offer you a safe and sacred space for your birth story to be heard. An opportunity for you to share freely and openly without judgement. During this session we will work through the negative feelings you are still left with after your birth. We will work together to transmute that negativity, to process your emotions, and to help move forward on your path of healing as the goddess that you are.


If you have questions about my offerings, I would love to connect. Let's talk about how I can support you on your birth journey.

The process starts with a free connection call.