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Offering holistic birth education and support as you prepare for the rite of passage that is childbirth and motherhood.

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As a Birthkeeper, it is my truest calling and honour to walk with women on their journey through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

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I help women explore their autonomous choices in birth while guiding them toward a path of sovereignty and power- let's connect.

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Birth Education + Coaching

Personalized 1:1 sessions to uncover your beliefs and perceptions about birth.

Home Birth Support

Birthing in the environment she wants to and how she envisions is something every woman deserves.

Postpartum Care

Supporting a new Mother in the first days and weeks of motherhood gives her the very best chance to heal, recover, and care for her baby all while being nurtured by her village.

Birth Processing: Transform Trauma

If your birth has left you feeling wounded, violated, or disrespected, you may be experiencing trauma from the experience.

What women are saying...

"Jess is so calm in her guidance which translated on to me, especially if I found myself becoming nervous about labour or anything about motherhood."

- Kristina H
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"Jess brings both deeply intuitive knowledge and empirical information to the table, making her a well versed, capable and calming person to have by your side."

- Sarah A
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If you have questions about my offerings, I would love to connect. Let's talk about how I can support you on your birth journey.

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